Decentralised PV Power Generation

Berrylands Community Solar

Setting up a local community power generation to make a zero-carbon reality

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What are we trying to do?

Community Solar Electricity for Berrylands

Berrylands has all it needs to generate the vast majority of its energy needs from the sun. We want to set up a community solar generation capability, so that everyone in Berrylands can benefit.

Low Cost

A non-profit organisation - solely for the benefit of Berrylands residents

Shared Infrastructure

Using all available rooftops in Berrylands we can share costs, electricity & income

Low Carbon

We need to transition to a low-carbon environment

Income Generating

We will export excess power to the National Grid - generating income for everybody

Income generating - Zero Carbon

Non-Profit Community Solar Energy

By harnessing the roof space in Berrylands, we can generate electricity for the benefit of all. We need lots of different skills to come together to make this idea a reality - so please join in!

Get involved - your skills are wanted!

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Recent Updates

LCEF Grant Application
January 17, 2021

LCEF Grant Application

We have made an application to the London Community Energy Fund 1

Community Power Schemes Research
November 28, 2020

Community Power Schemes Research

Research into other community power schemes

November 07, 2020


A number of people on the mailing list have started to contribute information about similar schemes that exist in the UK. I’m now collating these on the Research page.