What is the concept?

What is the concept?

What is the concept?

September 01, 2020 Read

On the rooftops of Berrylands, there is an enormous amount of space, that we could be using to create solar PV energy.

By forming a non-profit community energy organisation, we could install a shared energy grid, powered by these solar panels.

By sharing energy across Berrylands we can benefit from differing energy usage patterns in different houses - some empty during the day, and some occupied. Some with larger families, some with smaller.

We can also benefit from economies of scale, and from an energy infrastructure designed for renewables. We can bring the latest battery storage technologies to smooth supply and demand, and participate in energy auctions to sell any excess capacity into the national grid.

What is the potential capacity?

Looking at the roads in Berrylands, and making a very approximate count of the number of buildings (mostly semi-detached properties)

RoadNumber of BuildingsBuildings Face
Surbiton Hill Park90NW / SE
Surbiton Hill Park14N / S
Surbiton Hill Park21NE / SW
The Ridge30NE / SW
Regent Road31NE / SW
The Ridings18NE / SW
The Ridings29NW / SE
Berrylands64NW / SE
Pine Walk29NE / SW
Kings Drive46NW / SE
Queens Drive55NW / SE
Queens Drive3NE / SW
Alexandra Drive34NW / SE
The Roystons22NE / SW
Chiltern Drive62NW / SE
Pembroke Avenue30NW / SE
The Byeways18NW / SE
Raeburn Road36NW / SE
Raeburn Road43W / E

This gives a total of approx 675 houses.

Approximating each roof as 100m², of which say 30%-40% is usable.. the next job is to figure out how much energy we could generate…

Image from Bing Maps